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Researchers' Night
Researchers' Night 2019. September 30.

"Promoting science and a different look at economic science" was the motto of the 10th Szolnok Campus Researchers' Night. The goal of the event was to present research methods and results in an easy-to-grasp format and encourage youth to pursue a ...

M4 interstate tour
M4 interstate tour 2019. September 27.

The construction of the M4 interstate remains on schedule. The work site of the segment between Abony and Törökszentmiklós was visited by the local municipal representatives and the mayors of Abony and Szolnok. This segment completes the town's ...

National Employment Fund press conference
National Employment Fund press conference 2019. September 27.

8 companies applied to the National Employment Fund from our county, 5 of them from Szolnok. The Ministry of Finance's investment tender, aiming to create jobs at micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises has come to a close, with Szolnok companies ...

 Tisza COOP logistics center
Tisza COOP logistics center 2019. September 25.

Tisza Coop Zrt. is expanding its local infrastructure. Work will soon be done on the new logistics center that will supply approx. 500 stores across 12 counties with fresh produce and frozen products. This investment creates nearly 100 jobs in the ...

Vocational training conference 2019. September 25.

Vocational training that suits the economic and local job-market demands is the key to the future. For this reason, reforms to it are underway, focusing on digital and dual training and a practice-oriented approach.

B. Nagy Pál Stadium renovation
B. Nagy Pál Stadium renovation 2019. September 24.

The building, originally built in the 1970s, received new roof and front insulation, renovated electric, water and sewage systems, replaced doors and windows and an entirely new wing of the building.

Church renovations on schedule 2019. September 20.

The renovation of local churches is proceeding according to schedule. Work on the Belvárosi Nagytemplom is expected to be finished by next summer, and on the Vártemplom and the Reformed church by December. The cost of the renovation was approx. ...

Stadler bogie factory triples capacity
Stadler bogie factory triples capacity 2019. September 18.

Stadler's new bogie factory is expected to begin operation by the end of the year. The 3-billion-forint development is located at the site of the former sugar refinery.

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